Dedicated followers of fashion

I was reading a letter in a local newspaper a while ago about the Brit’s appalling ability to deal with summer fashion, whether it’s Hawiian shirt or Speedos barely containing anything other than the family jewels. And I’m not keen, either, on seeing a pair calf-length cotton-mix showing below the straps of sandals, but, you see, in this tasty little fashion style we Brits are just dedicated followers of fashion.

The letter ended by asking, in a rhetorical way, if anyone in the history of fashion has ever pulled off the sandal sock combo. Yes, they have, although it was more through necessity than any thought of what was a la mode at the time. And who’s to blame?…..Those terrible fashion fops, the Italians. Or at least in the days when they were known as Romans. Apparently the northern winters were too severe for their poor southern tootsies, so they wore socks with their open-toed hobnailed sandals. We know this partly because of a tablet found at Vindolanda on the Roman wall, which has a message, presumably from some mum or wife, far away in the sun, saying, “I have sent you … pairs of socks from Sattua, two pairs of sandals and two pairs of underpants”

What would we do without the ladies?

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